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Ben Boggis

Welcome to my website. I started 32G back in 2002 as a bit of an experiment to see if I could build a website. It has grown quite a bit since then, and the version you see here is its fourth reincarnation.

My interest in railways started at a very young age. Like many of my generation, this probably has a lot to do with a certain blue tank engine called Thomas. While many aspects of British railways interest me, my particular interests lie closer to home, in the history of the railways that once linked the towns and villages of Norfolk. I was born and brought up in Norfolk, as were my parents, my mother was born in Melton Constable, and her Grandfather worked on the railway as a guard. My father has no family link to railways, but is a railway enthusiast like myself and takes some superb video.

I've been taking picture of trains for more years than I care to remember. I got my first digital camera (a Canon G2) in 2002, and instantly started getting some pleasing results. Two years later, things got serious and I purchased my first digital SLR. Since then I've not looked back, and this website has formed a portfolio of my work.

Since launching the website, I've had the pleasure to making many new friends, not least at 'my local' North Norfolk Railway. Rather inevitably, this lead to me become a volunteer, after deciding that it was time that I rekindle my boyhood dream to become an engine driver. I have made many more new friends since, and the only regret I have is that I hadn't started sooner! My free time is now split between snapping at the lineside and driving or firing these awe-inspiring machines.

Away from 'playing' trains, my other interests are quite varied, I enjoy all kinds of music, follow Formula 1 motor racing and collect OO and O gauge locomotives and rolling stock.

Hope you enjoy the website and happy surfing!

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