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10th October  Autumn Gala

I don't really know where to start, so what about with the 14.40 from Loughborough. The train had been hauled by 70013 Oliver Cromwell and banked by 42085. As I stepped off the train at Quorn in the beautiful autumnal sunshine 48305 passed swiftly through the other platform with 'windcutters'. This sums up the event for me, some great locos, good weather and non-stop action, it was a truly superb gala. Locos in action were; SR 30777 Sir Lamiel; LMS Fairburn 4MT 42085 (visiting from the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway), 8F 48305; LNER O4 63601; WD 90733 (visiting from the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway); BR 7P 70013 Oliver Cromwell and finally 9F 92203 Black Prince (visiting from Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway).

WD 90733
Fairburn 42085
70013 Oliver Cromwell
Loco: 90733
Location: Quorn
Loco: 42085
Location: Quorn
Loco: 70013 Oliver Cromwell
Location: Rothley
Subject: Post box and sign post
Location: Rothley
D2091010-001.jpg D2091010-010.jpg D2091010-013a.jpg D2091010-017.jpg
BR Standards at the GCR
Loco: 78019
Location: Loughborough
Caption: Timkin
Location: 78019/Loughborough
Subject: Windcutters
Location: Loughborough
Locos: 70013 Oliver Cromwell and 92203 Black Prince
Location: Loughborough
D2091010-026.jpg D2091010-028.jpg D2091010-030.jpg D2091010-034a.jpg